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Greetings and welcome! The books on this site have been carefully selected for Christian men who would like to find a good book/s to read that are meaningful and excellent choices given what is available on the market today.

This website is brought to you by the author of a great Christian book for men called Doing Time With God. You can find more information on it below. 

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Robbed and Shot at ATM. Craving Revenge. Author Bill Dyer Was Locked Up In Anger, Hatred, And Resentment. Then A Miracle Happened. God Led Bill Out Of Darkness And Into Prison To Share His Story With Inmates For Unfinished Holy Spirit Business.


Doing Time With God - by Bill Dyer

In your search for men's Christian books, this page-turner reveals how the love of Christ is having its way for God's purposes. Readers are drawn into transformative conversations between crime victims and prison inmates. Thought provoking questions give readers the opportunity to reflect and find meaning for their own lives and relationships. For those who enjoy discussions about God's love and growing in Christ, this life-giving book is a perfect choice for book clubs and small groups. 

The world is arguably going through what seems like some end-time problems. It might not even be close to the end times yet, but the pandemic has everyone thinking that these are some extraordinary measures for 2021. Even people that didn't want to wear masks are being forced into wearing them. It's a certain type of situation that is happening that is making people anxious.

On top of this, men have to deal with keeping their businesses and families together. There have never been times where it seems more necessary than to get out and read a Christian men's self help book. The best books on the market may not have pandemic advice just yet. They do though draw from a long history where people have to deal with famine, war, and pestilence. Those times still had incredible stories, and they usually had to do with remarkable leaders.

Men can be the types of leaders that God is calling them to. The male psyche is different than females in some regards. Men had different challenges because they have played different roles historically than women. Now women are getting to be more equal in society, which is amazing. Christian books can help men to support women as they get leadership roles in big corporations and other arenas.

If you've searched for the best men's Christian inspirational books, you have landed in the right place. These books for Christian men help them deal with what modern men deal with in a Biblical way. This means that men can make God happy as well as deal properly with the modern demands of life. The laws are still based on Judeo-Christian principles, so there is nothing in these books that would ever be illegal in modern days.

This is something that people in the modern world of the pandemic can be grateful for. They can live out holy lives without breaking any laws. Society needs men that are willing to fight for God's ways more than ever. If we let our society slip into political agendas, then the laws could also easily shift. It might someday be illegal to stand for Christian principles in public. Men need to learn how to stand for Christ and be leaders in society. This is why the best Christian books for men can be helpful.

Men and women can work together to help the fabric of society to weather the pandemic and beyond. No one knows the timing of the Lord, so it's best to stay sharp through reading and prayer in the meantime. This can help the Lord's will to be done through everything, personally and on a macro scale as well. The entire world is relying on people to stay strong during this time. What better time to pick up one or more of the most men's Christian books best sellers?

The following titles will help inspire men to be the Christians in their environments that the world needs right now.

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Men's Christian Books Best Sellers

1. Brave Heroes and Bold Defenders: 50 True Stories of Daring Men of God 
by Shirley Raye Redmond
One of the great Christian books for men's groups, this was written by a woman and goes through men that she found inspirational. There are 45 stories to learn from about popular figures and pastors that will help men to see that being brave has its merits.

The Christian Man: A Conversation About the 10 Issues Men Say Matter Most 
by Patrick Morley
This book is unique because it is based on interviews with Christian men from all walks of life. The novel serves to help men who are grappling with normality in a world full of chaos and confusion.
The One Year Daily Moments of Strength: Inspiration for Men 
by Walk Thru the Bible
The devotional is very Biblically based. This means that men can glean from the scriptures as they go about their year. This is another year-long devotional that takes on the everyday issues of modern living with a Biblical lens. This is a great pick for Christian men's study books.

4. The Restored Man: Becoming a Man of God
by Randy Hemphill
Most men know about restoration. There are many jobs in the world that revolve around it. This book shows how God can restore a man.

5. Be Blessed! Adult Coloring Books: A Fun, Original Christian Coloring Book with Joyful Designs and Inspirational Scripture: 30 Stress Relieving Bible Quotes That Will Bless Your Soul

by Tip Top Coloring Books
There are times in a man's life where he will need a hobby. Art can be a great place to start. There are godly messages around the tapestry that need to be colored. Thankfully, adult coloring books are a thing now.  top selling men's Christian books.

6. Stand Strong: 365 Devotions for Men by Men: Deluxe Edition

by Our Daily Bread Ministries
Our Daily Bread Ministries delivers many popular devotionals in easy-to-read formats. These are ones that can be applied to men in their everyday lives.

Here Are A Few More Of The Best

Men's Christian Books Best Sellers

7. God's Purpose for Your Life: 365 Devotions
by Charles F. Stanley
This is one of the most  popular men's Christian books best sellers that is available on the market today. Dr. Stanley delivers devotions that are full of scripture. After the scripture reading, there will be thought by Dr. Stanley and then a prayer. This beautifully delivered book will help men to grow in their faith.

No More Excuses - Teen Devotional: A 90-Day Devotional for Teen Guys 
by Tony Evans
Sometimes young teens need special motivation. This devotional will help them put aside their distractions and get to what is important in life. It draws from Biblical figures to hit the lessons home to young teens.

Shoot Your Shot: A Sport-Inspired Guide To Living Your Best Life by Vernon Brundage Jr.
This is a must-read book for basketball fans. It looks at how basketball's greatest stars got to where they are. If someone doesn't want to read inspirational anything but is a sports fanatic, this is a good place to start. 

10. Man Up-Becoming A Godly In An Ungodly World

by Jody Burkeen
This book is not about religion but it is regarding relationship. Jody was in the church but he didn't see men that were anything more than duty-bound. This inspired him to inspire men that it's about friendship with God and not works. 

Here's Why Doing Time With God Is One Of The Best...

Men's Christian Books To Read

Doing Time With God is a one-of-a-kind book that shines light into maximum security prisons and shows what is possible when crime victims and prisoners commit to laying everything on the line and putting their trust in God like never before.

Today's market for books has numerous titles from which to choose and many different people have various views about which ones are the best men's Christian inspirational books. Doing Time With God  is a good fit for the category because it provides a rare look into how hardened men are letting their guard down and opening their lives to Christ for transformation.

Not only does this unique book show how God is transforming lives in the last place many would expect, it is written so readers can see themselves in the stories and situations, and apply reflection questions to grow in Christ.

Doing Time With God Can Be Used In Conjunction With Christian Men's Study Books Because It Takes You On A Journey Of Transformation Through The Love Of Christ

Doing Time With God  Is A Powerful Read Because Of How God's Love Has Its Way For Healing And Peace

Doing Time With God Belongs With Other Men's Christian Books Best Sellers Because It Opens The Heart, Touches The Soul, And Renews The Mind 

While reading this book, you may experience these things happening in yourself. Discussion questions and an afterword by the author invite you to reflect on your own journey, discover new meaning, and expand this movement of Peace in your life.  

""Doing Time with God is packed full of courage, wisdom, and inspiration. I recommend this book to anyone who has lived the valleys and peaks of life; folks who are struggling with forgiveness, for those who are dealing with anger or loss. This book will give insight into what true unconditional love is like."
Scott H.

"…The presence of a loving, nurturing, and persistent God weaves its way through each page-turning account of how lives are changed by Faith. I highly recommend this book."
Joseph Pryor

Assistant Warden; Chief Chaplain, Federal Bureau of Prisons (retired)

"Restorative justice is, simultaneously, an ancient way of healing individuals and community, and at the cutting edge of the intersection between faith and justice. Doing Time with God and Bill Dyer are right at that edge."
Allison DeFoor

Prison Minister, Lawyer and Former Judge and Sheriff

"I read this with some skepticism at the beginning, but it truly opened my eyes to a new perspective regarding people who have committed crimes. Before reading this book I was more likely than not to condemn without any regard to understanding the person involved, and this book taught me to look at things in a different light. If I can be convinced to consider a new perspective, then this book is well written, informative and convincing."
Mike G.


"It is a tough thing to put aside your bias and offer help to those that have hurt others but after reading this book...the chapters offer a glimpse into a world most don't know or understand but the result is nothing short of amazing! "
Ryan B.  Murder Victim Family Member 
"The author conveys the message of God’s redemptive love in a moving and provocative way, without the use of big religious words or complicated theological thoughts. It’s a well written book telling compelling stories of healing; victims feel heard, offenders find hope of becoming valued members of society and the reader is moved in unexpected ways.”
S. Hicks