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Hi and welcome to our website! If you are searching for the best Christian books for men you are definitely in the right place. The books that have been listed on this page and website have been carefully put together for Christian men who want to grow in their faith and understand the importance of group discussion in being able to do just that. The books listed on this page are great for discussion and becoming more aware of choices and opportunities to grow in Christ.

The website you are visiting has been made possible by the author of a great Christian book for men called Doing Time With God. More information on this title is available in the section below. 

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Robbed and Shot at ATM. Craving Revenge. Author Bill Dyer Was Locked Up In Anger, Hatred, And Resentment. Then A Miracle Happened. God Led Bill Out Of Darkness And Into Prison For Unfinished Business With Prisoners.


Doing Time With God - by Bill Dyer

In your search for Christian books for men's groups, this page-turner reveals how the love of Christ is having its way for God's purposes. Readers are drawn into transformative conversations between crime victims and prison inmates. Thought provoking questions give readers the opportunity to reflect and find meaning for their own lives and relationships. For those who enjoy discussions about God's love changing lives for His purposes, this life-giving book is a perfect choice for book clubs and small groups. 

Great men are not born, they are made. God wants to make His children into the people that He created them to be. However, if a person never gives God time, then how can God work? This is why daily devotions, Christian men's self help books, Bible reading, and prayer can help a Christian man to hear what God is saying to him.

This will help the man to know what to do in life situations, especially those pivotal moments. Even small decisions can turn out to have big consequences. This is why God never wastes His time even bringing tiny situations into your life to test you. He will help you to grow even through trying circumstances.

The best-selling men's Christian books listed all are hand-picked because they will help a person to change. People need the impetus sometimes to move forward. This is why these books can be very inspiring. They can add the little extra bit that a person was missing out on. Just the right wording or the right advice can make all the difference when it comes to change or growth.

Do you remember a quote that helped you change or a Bible verse? This happens often when reading Christian men's study books.If you remember such a time, there's a reason why the quote or Bible passage spoke to you. Also, Bible verses can leap out at you when you need them most. This is just the nature of the Bible. God wrote it because it is truth, and the truth is alive and living.

You want to keep that truth close to your heart at all times. A book can help you implant it there. The things you think about and remember can be what help you to really start to grow when there is a situation where you just don't know what to do. This is why you need to feed your Spirit with positive food.

Christian books for men's groups can also help you to realize that you can be content in everything. You might not feel like there are very many moments of greatness. Your life might be peppered with the ordinary or even incredible hardships. These books can teach you how, just like the apostles, that you can learn to be content in all seasons of life with your faith.

In the age of social media, contentment is something that is hard to obtain. You must really work at it because the social media posts and accounts of many are designed to create envy. There are people that advertise their friend counts. You might wonder why you don't have as many friends like them. They might take pictures of luxury goods and vacations while you are at home saving up your pennies. You might only eat one meal a day so that your kids have food. There are so many situations that people go through in life.

The Christian life is complex, and you can find meaning in where you are right now. So pick up one of these men's Christian books best sellers and start feeding your mind with the right kind of material.

Here Are More Excellent

Christian Books For Men's Groups

1. Enter Wild: Exchange a Mild and Mundane Faith for Life with an Uncontainable God
by Carlos Whittaker
Carlos is a person who has experienced anxiety. In this popular men's Christian book, you'll see how he found a way to break through to a wild life that was ironically full of freedom. He shares how this happened and how a wild life can be yours in Christ.

2. UNMUZZLED: Escaping Sexual Sin: Satan's Grip on Men 

by J.S. Shelton
This book is all about how men struggle in different ways with sex outside of the confines of marriage. It covers everything from adultery to porn. This book is something you can pick up and start to regain freedom in your life.  

Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World 
by Max Lucado
Using the acronym CALM, Lucado teaches a method for greater peace in life. He's a gifted Bible teacher who explains how God wants us to cast our cares on God. While reading this one, you will see why it is considered to be one of the great men's Christian inspirational books. 

4. Don’t Forget to Remember
by Ellie Holcomb
To keep your faith, you’ll need to remind yourself of God’s love especially during your darkest moments. And this is exactly what this book does for you – it teaches you how God showed up to his people when they were on their final strides and rescued them. 
Unshakable Hope
by Max Lucado
This is another one of the best Christian books for men's groups that encourages believers to build their lives on God’s promises. By strengthening your faith and hope, you’ll be able to face life’s challenges and tests with Godly confidence.  

Streams in the Desert
by L.B. Cowman and James Reimann
In life, everyone goes through tough losses, unbearable moments, and difficult seasons. Hence, this book is dedicated to helping you strengthen your faith during such hard times. It is at such trying moments that you need to have faith in God and trust that better days are ahead of you. 

Here Are A Few More Of The Best

Christian Books For Men's Groups

7. The Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word
by Joyce Meyer
Written by one of the world’s famous preachers, this book by Joyce Meyer teaches you how to truly receive God’s blessings and welcoming positive changes in your life. By prophesying God’s words on your life, you attract positivity and God’s blessing as you strengthen your faith. 

God Will Carry You Through
by Max Lucado
This is the third book on faith by the author, Max Lucado on this list. It’s self-explanatory as you can tell from the book’s title. Considered to be one of the best Christian books for men, it teaches you to keep firm faith in God because He will be there for you during your tough times.

Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived
by Rob Bell
Written by a best-selling author, this book addresses the most controversial issues about faith to help you make a clear stand on your faith. One of the top selling men's Christian books, it gives you insights into heaven and hell and the fate of every person who has ever lived.

A Tale of Three Kings
by Gene Edwards
Based on the biblical figures of Saul, David, and Absalom, this book offers comfort, hope, and healing for Christians who have suffered pain, heartache, and loss from other believers. It’s a book that teaches you to have faith in God no matter what you are going through because everything will work out for your good.

Here's Why Doing Time With God Is A Great Choice For

Christian Books For Men's Groups

If you've searched for the men's Christian inspirational books, you are in the right place. Doing Time With God shines light into the darkness of maximum security prisons where crime victims are meeting with prisoners and both parties are laying everything on the line in full authenticity and surrender. As they put their trust in God together, beautiful transformation takes place to better the world in which we live.

Today's book market includes thousands of titles and many people have different opinions about which ones are the top selling  men's Christian books. Regardless of the debate, Doing Time With God  belongs with the best because it provides a rare look into the depths of maximum security prisons and shows hardened crime victims and criminals being transformed by the love of God in the last place most would expect to see that happen.

Not only does it show how God is changing lives in miraculous ways, it is written so readers are able to see themselves in the stories and grow in Christlikeness through a series of reflection questions that can be applied to each chapter.

Doing Time With God Is One Of The Best Christian Books For Men Because It Takes You On A Journey Of Transformation Through The Love Of Christ

Doing Time With God  Is An Inspiring Book For Men That Is Easy To Read & Powerful In How God's Light Shines In The Stories

Doing Time With God Is One Of The Best Christian Books For Men's Groups Because It Opens The Heart, Touches The Soul, And Renews The Mind 

While reading this book, you may experience these things happening in yourself. Discussion questions and an afterword by the author invite you to reflect on your own journey, discover new meaning, and expand this movement of Peace in your life.  

""Doing Time with God is packed full of courage, wisdom, and inspiration. I recommend this book to anyone who has lived the valleys and peaks of life; folks who are struggling with forgiveness, for those who are dealing with anger or loss. This book will give insight into what true unconditional love is like."
Scott H.

"…The presence of a loving, nurturing, and persistent God weaves its way through each page-turning account of how lives are changed by Faith. I highly recommend this book."
Joseph Pryor

Assistant Warden; Chief Chaplain, Federal Bureau of Prisons (retired)

"Restorative justice is, simultaneously, an ancient way of healing individuals and community, and at the cutting edge of the intersection between faith and justice. Doing Time with God and Bill Dyer are right at that edge."
Allison DeFoor

Prison Minister, Lawyer and Former Judge and Sheriff

"I read this with some skepticism at the beginning, but it truly opened my eyes to a new perspective regarding people who have committed crimes. Before reading this book I was more likely than not to condemn without any regard to understanding the person involved, and this book taught me to look at things in a different light. If I can be convinced to consider a new perspective, then this book is well written, informative and convincing."
Mike G.


"It is a tough thing to put aside your bias and offer help to those that have hurt others but after reading this book...the chapters offer a glimpse into a world most don't know or understand but the result is nothing short of amazing! "
Ryan B.  Murder Victim Family Member 
"The author conveys the message of God’s redemptive love in a moving and provocative way, without the use of big religious words or complicated theological thoughts. It’s a well written book telling compelling stories of healing; victims feel heard, offenders find hope of becoming valued members of society and the reader is moved in unexpected ways.”
S. Hicks