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His and welcome to our website! This site is made possible by the author of a great Christian book for men called Doing Time With God. The list of books on this page and entire website have been chosen for Christian men  who are interested in reading materials that are meaningful and help to deepen their faith. We have included books for men who have been practicing their Christian faith for a long time, as well as some that are better suited for men who are new to the faith and want to get the best start possible.

As you will see when looking at the list of books, each one has a brief description and links directly to the Amazon page where you can learn more, read reviews, and see other helpful information.

Enjoy browsing our selection. We hope you find the perfect selection in our list of the 
best Christian books for men.

Robbed and Shot at ATM. Craving Revenge. Author Bill Dyer Was Locked Up In Anger, Hatred, And Resentment. Then A Miracle Happened. God Led Bill Out Of Darkness And Into Prison For Unfinished Business With Inmates.


Doing Time With God - by Bill Dyer

In your search for best Christian books for men, this page-turner reveals how the love of Christ is having its way for God's purposes. Readers are drawn into transformative conversations between crime victims and prison inmates. Thought provoking questions give readers the opportunity to reflect and find meaning for their own lives and relationships. For those who enjoy discussions about God's love changing lives, this life-giving book is a perfect choice for book clubs and small groups. 

When it comes to living life, there is a manual for Christians. This manual is the Bible. However, the manual might not always be something that is easy to interpret. It was written a long time ago, and it does have a cultural context. This is why so many pastors study for years to become experts in this field.

Christians have always attended church as a way to glean knowledge. However, depending on where you live, many can't go to church right now or prefer to stay home because of the questions they have about Covid-19. There are online churches, but some men would rather make a selection from the best Christian men's study books than watch a screen. This is completely understandable. Even those that attend church digitally might want books to deepen their faith.

There are always those specific subjects that people find hard to locate any information about. Even church services might not cover the topics. This is why men will look elsewhere. Also, a church might cover a subject, but not in as much depth as a person can get from a book. Additionally, the book is written, so there has been editing. With a pastor's speech, it might not be as glossy because it is less polished. This is why people love literature.

The book is such a polished form of speech, and the author has a talent for conveying these messages. The top selling men's Christian books are those that inspire people to be better. They are those that sound good but they have information that is good when put into practice as well.

This is why people rate men's Christian books best sellers so highly. They are chock-full of information that is bound to put a smile on your face even if there is some tough love in there as well. The results in one's practical life will be improved relationships, inner peace, contentment, and an ability to reach people for the good. This is why a good book can also make for a good life.

These best Christian books for men. are ones that have been flying off the Amazon shelves for a positive reason. The great thing about them selling so well is that the messages are really reaching men that need the advice. There is no man that is an island, and we can all go a little stir crazy during these pandemic times. Instead of going out and defying stay-at-home orders, practice self-discipline and patience and reach for one of these excellent books as an alternative.

There is a lot that can happen when godly men sit down and open a book. With prayer and God's help, the words in the books can be transformed into actions. There is never a time that Christianity was needed more than during this pandemic. People are needing love and support as scientists even wonder if it is now an endemic with new variants.

Just taking the time to read one of these men's Christian inspirational books can lead many people to a better frame of mind and actions that change the world.

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Best Christian Books For Men

1. Out Of The Box: Discover how God is Big Enough for You
by Ken Sylvia
The author of this book is familiar with struggling. He has had a pivotal moment though that broke him out of his box. If this seems like something you can relate to as a Christian, then this book is for you. 

2. Your Thoughts are Killing You: Take Control of Your Mind and Close the Door to Those Negative, Depressing, Fearful, Worrisome Thoughts Forever 

by Marybeth
If you a looking for Christian books for men's groups. You can break free of worrisome thinking. It may seem like your thoughts control you, but this is not the way that Christ intended it to be. Let yourself break from the prison of your thoughts.

3. Body Discipline: What does the Bible say about Exercise & Fitness? 

by Torema Thompson
This may be a subject that you think about more than you realize. It's especially relevant because there are so many other demands on a man's time. Discover what God has to say about fitness and exercise. 

4. Man of God: Leading Your Family by Allowing God to Lead You
by Charles Stanley
This controversial topic is tackled with sensitivity, making it a great choice if you are looking for Christian men's self help books. Dr. Charles Stanley explains what it means to be a leader in the home. This book helps a man rely more on God for direction.   

5. Wild at Heart Expanded Edition: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul 

by John Eldredge
Without question, this is one of the best Christian books for men. It has become very popular in Christian circles. The now expanded edition explains what men long for most and how God can fulfill these longings. 

6. Signs of Life: A Haunting and Spellbinding Contemporary Christian Thriller (Signs of Life Series Book 1) 

by Creston Mapes
This is a story about a shooter and an interrogator. The interrogator is charged with pushing for justice. The question is, what does justice in this case really mean? Does it call for the death penalty?  

Here Are A few More Of The

Best Christian Books For Men

7. The Guardians of Man: An Angel's View 
by Shirley Williams
This is a book about a warrior angel who will be the one to lead the last human believers to safety. This exciting book plays with end-times themes and might be a welcome distraction from the pandemic.  

8. How God Makes Men: Ten Epic Stories. Ten Proven Principles. One Huge Promise for Your Life

by Patrick Morley
How could a person not get excited by the title of this book? This is for men that really need answers. They may be feeling tested past their breaking points. They may just need a huge promise to get them through. One of the best men's Christian inspirational books, this is a fantastic choice.

Sean & Shawn: How Knowing God can Change Life's Perspective for You Every Day 
by Jarod Davis
This book is about two men with the same name but very different perspectives on life. One of the men is happier because of his faith. The helpful anecdotes can change real lives.

How to Age Without Getting Old: The Steps You Can Take Today to Stay Young for the Rest of Your Life 
by Joyce Meyer
There is a way to age more gracefully, and that's by keeping young at heart. This book can help you to get out of a funk and into a real rhythm for old age.

Here's Why Doing Time With God  Belongs With The

Best Christian Books For Men

If you've searched for great books for Christian men, you have landed in the right place. Doing Time With God shows what is possible when crime victims and prisoners open up to God's healing and guiding presence. Readers are touched, moved, and inspired by the examples of men surrendering and trusting God in ways that they never have before.

With all of the books that are available on the market today,  there many different views about which ones best fit the category of men's Christian books best sellers. Doing Time With God belongs with some of the top books because of it's inspirational qualities and how it shows hardened crime victims and inmates being rehabilitated by God's love.

Not only does Doing Time With God show how God's love is transforming lives in one of the last places many would expect, readers are able to see themselves in the stories and grow in Christlikeness through the reflection questions that are included.

Doing Time With God Is One Of The Best Christian Self Help Books For Men Because It Takes You On A Journey Of Transformation Through The Love Of Christ

One Of The Best Books For Christian Men's Groups, Doing Time With God  Is Easy To Read & Powerful In How God's Presence Shines Through The Stories

Doing Time With God Is One Of The Best Christian Books For Men Because It Opens The Heart, Touches The Soul, And Renews The Mind 

While reading this book, you may experience these things happening in yourself. Discussion questions and an afterword by the author invite you to reflect on your own journey, discover new meaning, and expand this movement of Peace in your life.  

""Doing Time with God is packed full of courage, wisdom, and inspiration. I recommend this book to anyone who has lived the valleys and peaks of life; folks who are struggling with forgiveness, for those who are dealing with anger or loss. This book will give insight into what true unconditional love is like."
Scott H.

"…The presence of a loving, nurturing, and persistent God weaves its way through each page-turning account of how lives are changed by Faith. I highly recommend this book."
Joseph Pryor

Assistant Warden; Chief Chaplain, Federal Bureau of Prisons (retired)

"Restorative justice is, simultaneously, an ancient way of healing individuals and community, and at the cutting edge of the intersection between faith and justice. Doing Time with God and Bill Dyer are right at that edge."
Allison DeFoor

Prison Minister, Lawyer and Former Judge and Sheriff

"I read this with some skepticism at the beginning, but it truly opened my eyes to a new perspective regarding people who have committed crimes. Before reading this book I was more likely than not to condemn without any regard to understanding the person involved, and this book taught me to look at things in a different light. If I can be convinced to consider a new perspective, then this book is well written, informative and convincing."
Mike G.


"It is a tough thing to put aside your bias and offer help to those that have hurt others but after reading this book...the chapters offer a glimpse into a world most don't know or understand but the result is nothing short of amazing! "
Ryan B.  Murder Victim Family Member 
"The author conveys the message of God’s redemptive love in a moving and provocative way, without the use of big religious words or complicated theological thoughts. It’s a well written book telling compelling stories of healing; victims feel heard, offenders find hope of becoming valued members of society and the reader is moved in unexpected ways.”
S. Hicks